CEREC Dental Crowns

Very few of us are blessed with perfect teeth. Decay and damage are a part of life, but there’s a perfect solution for you at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry.

Smile. Do you see a worn down, discolored, or broken tooth? Maybe you notice a metal filling that should probably be replaced.

CEREC dental crowns can replace fillings or restore any tooth that is decayed or weakened. CEREC crowns are beautiful and high quality, and will restore both the strength and beauty of the tooth.

Best of all, we can complete your permanent dental crown within just one visit to our office!

Steps to Your Single-Visit Restoration

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Enfinger so that you can improve your smile instantly. Here are the steps of the CEREC process that will be completed in about 90 minutes.

  1. Exam and Prep | Dr. Enfinger will examine the tooth and help you determine if a CEREC or traditional crown is the appropriate treatment. Next, he will administer a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. He will remove the weakened tooth tissue in preparation for the restoration.
  2. Digital Impression | You can skip the “goop” of traditional impressions and instead complete this phase with a few fast digital photos. This step takes only a minute or two.
  3. Acquisition Unit | We use your digital impressions to design your customized crown.
  4. Milling Unit | We send the designs to our milling unit. Your dentist will choose a ceramic block that matches your teeth, and the machine will get to work carving your restoration.

In less than two hours, you’ll leave with a beautiful new restoration. No temporaries or sticky impressions. Instead, you can enjoy immediate results!

Enjoy Your Options at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry

We also provide traditional crowns, along with other restorations like durable inlays and onlays. Benefits of our dental restorations include:

  • Support misshapen or broken teeth
  • Create a natural appearance
  • Fix your smile and functional chewing problems

To find out about the best restoration option for you, please contact our office today.