Dental Implants

Each of your natural teeth includes a root and a crown. That’s why implant-supported replacement teeth are the next-best-thing to real teeth. They have the same parts, including a replacement root that is anchored beneath the jaw, and a crown that is designed with your specific smile in mind.

In time, your dental implants will bond with your jawbone. The strong titanium implants are a reliable foundation for replacement teeth. A support post, called an abutment, is placed onto the implant, which is then topped with the restoration of your choice.

Place and Restore in One Place

Our trained experts can both place and restore your dental implants right here at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or several of them, we are very capable of handling your case from start to finish.

With a total in-house procedure, you can save yourself confusion and down time. You can stick with the professionals you know and trust—the ones who know your smile best.

It’s important that you choose the best place for your dental implant placement so that you can have a great experience and see optimal results. Our professionals will ensure a seamless treatment, without rushing from one office to the next. Most importantly, they guarantee a durable and beautiful outcome.

3D Scan and Guided Placement

Computer guided implant surgery has significantly improved the precision and predictability of dental implant surgeries.
The process begins with a computerized scan which produces high resolution 3D images. Dr. Enfinger will be able to see the ideal placement of the implants, essentially conducting a virtual practice surgery before he performs the physical one. We will also create a surgical guide to be placed in your mouth to ensure a flawless procedure. This eliminates all the guesswork involved in traditional dental implant surgery, and secures better results.

Let’s Evaluate Your Smile Today

Since we can map out most of the important stuff before we even begin treatment, the surgery should be easy and uneventful for the patient. You should experience a shorter and more pleasant recovery time as well.

We would love to bring you in for a consultation. It’s not too late to regain that full and functional smile. Call Advanced Esthetic Dentistry today.