Dental Technology

Dr. Enfinger wants his patients to enjoy effective treatments with minimal discomfort. Dental technology is the perfect complement to our seasoned experience and individualized approach.

Why do we incorporate incredible tech?

So You Can Be a Part of Your Dental Care | You shouldn’t just have to blindly accept a crown or root canal. You can see the problems with your own eyes with our advanced diagnostic technology. Even better, you can see the possibilities for your smile transformation before deciding if you are interested in our advanced esthetic services.

To Ensure First Class Dental Work | Dr. Enfinger uses methods like CEREC crowns-in-a-day and guided dental implant procedures to guarantee optimal results. Your dental work should last for years, and it will make you feel amazing about your smile.

Technologies We Offer

CEREC Dental Crowns in a Day | CEREC dental crowns and porcelain veneers are beautiful restorations that can be placed in ONE day. You can replace aged dental work or receive new dental work in less than two hours in our office.

3D Scans | We are pleased to offer 3D images that we can take and view within seconds, for a faster diagnosis and easily generated treatment plans. The sooner we get on the same page regarding your oral health, the faster you can get back to enjoying your life, free from the stress or pain of needed dental work.

Guided Dental Implants Procedures | Dental implant treatments were once planned with simple 2D scans, and executed with the dentist using their best judgement. We are far beyond freehand dental implant placement at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry. We use our 3D scanner and computer software to ensure optimal placement of your dental implants. That means less damage to the soft tissues, fewer complications, and better results!

Digital Photography for Smile Design | An important first step of our cosmetic treatments includes a careful analysis of your facial and dental characteristics, and a conversation about the kind of smile you really want. We can design your dream smile using videos, photography, x-rays, and 3D imagery, so you can see a simulation of the outcome of your smile before you begin treatment.

Digital Mockups | Many of our patients would like to see the end result of their smile before they decide if they want to engage in esthetic treatments. A mock-up is a creation of your “trial smile” so you can actually try out something that resembles your best smile before you make it permanent. Dr. Enfinger will apply tooth-colored filling materials to improve the shape, color, and form of your teeth, so you can try out your new look and decide if permanent treatment is right for you!

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With gentle approaches and advanced technology, we can also reduce any anxiety you may feel concerning dental treatments. To schedule your consultation, give us a call at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry today.