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Dr. Enfinger’s Smiles

Few things in dentistry are more exhilirating than helping patients realize the smile of their dreams. I feel fortunate to have been entrusted to help guide so many great patients through their smile makeovers. It is truly remarkable to have seen firsthand how cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics can help patients come out of their shells to enjoy their brighter, more youthful smiles.

I am also very proud of our Smile Guarantee process, and I feel confident that it allows us to achieve the most beautiful and predictable results possible. If you are considering a smile makeover, I encourage you to review our patients’ results and visit us to find out how cosmetic dentistry can benefit you.

Dr. Ross Enfinger


Jean P.

“I love the friendliness of Dr. Enfinger and his team and their concern for my comfort.”
Crowns on 6 upper front teeth to reshape worn and mal-positioned teeth.


Jeanne E.

“My new smile required extractions, dental implants, and crowns and veneers. I love the friendly staff and the caring expertise of the doctors. My highest expectations have been fulfilled!”
3 dental implants and crowns or veneers on all 16 upper teeth to completely re-design the smile.


Pam L.

“Thank you Dr. Enfinger!”
Botox around eyes and upper brow to reduce wrinkles; Juvederm and Radiesse in cheeks and around mouth and lips to smooth out smile lines.


Meredith S.

“I liked how comfortable I was throughout the procedure and I love the results. I can’t stop smiling!”
Composite bonding on 8 upper front teeth to improve tooth color and reshape undersized teeth

Edna M.

“I love Dr. Ross. I receive daily compliments about my smile….all thanks to him!”
Veneers on 3 upper front teeth to correct discoloration and worn appearance.

Duong N.

“Thank you, Dr. Enfinger!”
Crowns on 6 upper front teeth to reshape smile and correct mal-positioned teeth.


Roger C.

“Dr. Enfinger and his staff were aware of my extensive dental needs and delivered comfort throughout all of my appointments. I was treated with the greatest kindness and care, and I would highly recommend them.”
Crowns on 9 upper teeth to correct previous mismatched crowns and fillings


Thomas P.

“I was worried that my teeth might not be able to be saved, but not only was Dr. Enfinger able to save them, he also created the smile of my dreams!”
Crowns on 8 upper front teeth to rebuild broken and decayed teeth


James M.

“From the outset, Dr. Enfinger took personal care of me and worked directly on my behalf with a number of other dental professionals, including the orthodontists, an endodontist, a gum surgeon, and a ceramist to ensure my treatment was coordinated. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Enfinger and his team, from the support staff who always were concerned about my well-being, to the receptionists who booked my appointments. I have worked with many professional people over my career, and I can personally state that this team gives a service that is truly second to none.”
Braces followed by crowns or veneers on 8 upper front teeth and 2 lower front teeth, plus bonding on 4 lower front teeth to correct crooked smile and completely re-design the smile


Danielle P.

“Thank you, Dr. Enfinger!”
Composite bonding on 6 upper front teeth to close spaces and reshape undersized teeth.